Computers, phones and security

In recent weeks Apple has gained some poor media attention thanks to a major flaw in the iPhone’s operating system. This vulnerability meant that someone could access data from your phone if you were on an open network, like a free wifi network at your favourite coffee shop. The good news is that Apple has made a security update for their iOS and OSX operating … Continue reading Computers, phones and security

Photographing Grit

During this past summer I had a great work opportunity, especially for a photographer looking to develop his skills. Part of my job included doing product photography multiple times a week. I had a light box, a couple of lens, some lighting options and a plethora of gorgeous handmade craft. Essentially, my job was to make beautiful things look beautiful. Not the most challenging task … Continue reading Photographing Grit

One piece of the job(less) puzzle

It is becoming increasingly clear that we are at a tipping point with our education systems and job market. Our education systems are producing more grads but our professions are not hiring them. Instead, graduates are left desperately searching any form of work. This can result in getting a part-time job at a coffee shop or restaurant and struggling to make ends meet. This desperate … Continue reading One piece of the job(less) puzzle